Using your School Pass

Frequently asked questions about school passes

Where can I use my zero fare School Pass?

You can use your School Pass to make one journey per day from home to school/college and one journey per day from school/college to home. You may use the School Pass on more than one bus or train, if your journey cannot be made using one bus or train. For secondary schools, you can use the School Pass to make a journey to school after 0700 and a journey home before 1900. For colleges, you can use the School Pass to make a journey to college after 0600 and a journey home before 2200.

Where can I use my zero fare Boarding Pass?

You can use your Boarding Pass only on the school bus service stated on the front of the pass.

If I have a zero fare Boarding Pass how do I get home if I stay late for after school activities?

You will have to use public service buses and pay a fare. Some schools will issue pupils with National Transport Tokens - ask at your school reception.

Why can't I have a School Pass instead of a Boarding Pass?

School Passes are only issued where there are no Boarding Pass services available or if the Boarding Pass service is full.

I want to travel with my friends, can I switch buses?

Yes, if there is enough space on your friend’s bus. You would need to return your pass and we will swap it for a new one. However, be aware space is limited - we can only swap your pass if there is enough capacity on the bus.

Please note there is a £7 admin fee if swapping services.

Because the beginning of the school year is really busy, we won't be able to make changes until 1 October unless you have been allocated the wrong service in the first place.

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