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Criteria and guidance

Who assesses statutory zero fare applications?

WYCA assesses and renews free travel applications only for residents who live in the Bradford, Calderdale (see below) and Leeds Council areas.

For residents in Kirklees or Wakefield Council areas, residents apply directly to their relevant council to make a new application or to renew an existing application, not to the WYCA and it is those Councils who do the assessment. For Calderdale, the application is submitted via Calderdale Council, however it is WYCA who assess it.

Eligibility criteria

You may be entitled to free travel to and from school if you:

  • are under 8 years old and live more than 2 miles from your nearest qualifying school
  • are aged 8-16 years old and live more than 3 miles from nearest qualifying school.

Your child may qualify for free travel if they are eligible for free school meals or if the parents receives their maximum level of Working Tax Credit. This is only a guideline though. You need to check with your Local Authority who can give you advice on your individual situation.

Application forms

Application forms are listed separately under each council district on the statutory free school travel main page.

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