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Service changes for bus and rail travel

Scheduled bus and rail service changes in West Yorkshire.

There are few bus timetable changes are over the weekend of Saturday 25 January. Public Transport Changes (pdf opens in a new window)


The new individual timetables will be available on the bus timetables search just enter your service number.  Before the new timetable starts the timetable will be in the 'Upcoming Timetable' tab on the page once they are available.  After that they will be the only timetable displayed.

Service change Dates in 2020:

  • Saturday 25 January 
  • Saturday 22 February
  • Saturday 16 May
  • Saturday 18 July
  • Saturday 29 August
  • Saturday 24 October
  • Saturday 12 December


Service changes in 2019:


(Bus operators are able to change their services between service change dates due to commercial or reliability reasons.)


 Rail service changes

New rail timetables start on Sunday 15 December.

Timetables (current and new) are available from rail operators - see our rail timetables page.


Service change dates in 2020:

  • Sunday 17 May
  • Sunday 13 December

Alerts 42 Bus
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