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Find your school in the A to Z list to get school bus timetable information. Please note that bus services are reviewed from time to time and services may be re-routed or withdrawn. Parents/carers should therefore avoid choosing admission to a particular school based solely on the routes and networks shown below.


North Halifax Grammar School

Moor Bottom Road, Halifax HX2 9SU
Tel. 01422 244625
A pass is required if this symbol is shown below Pass required
Service number
C25 (AM only) - view timetable Halifax - North Halifax Grammar School
C26 PM Late Bus - view timetable North Halifax Grammar School - Halifax Bus Station (operates PM only)
M2 - view timetable Cornholme - North Halifax Grammar School
NH1 - view timetable Brighouse Bus Station - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required
NH2 - view timetable Cooper Lane - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required
NH3 - view timetable Duke of York (then via Carr House Lane) - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required
NH4 - view timetable Norton Tower - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required
NH5 - view timetable Mount Tabor - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required
NH6 - view timetable Barkisland - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required
NH7 - view timetable Rastrick - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required
NH8 - view timetable Outlane - North Halifax Grammar Pass required
NH9 - view timetable Northowram Newlands Grove - North Halifax Grammar School Pass required

 Important notes:

  • Services M2 and M23/M24 are 'Boarding Pass only' services and operate on a 'Parent-to-Pay' basis. To apply for place on the bus, please contact Yelloways directly on 0161 287 2233.
  • Service M23/24 is operated by Travel Express. Please contact Travel Express directly on 01274 598 833. 
  • All MCard products, including the MyDay/MyWeek/MyMonth tickets, are not valid on all of the above services except C25 and C26. See below.

Cash fares routes NH1 to NH9: Single fare £1.60. A weekly ticket at £14 can be purchased from the driver as your board or in advance using the operator's mobile app where available. All MCard products are not valid.

Mobile App: on routes operated by First West Yorkshire, information about their mobile app can be found on their website. See instructions as to how a parent/carer can 'gift' the ticket to their child's own mobile. Note that First tickets are not available from or valid on Arriva services and vice versa. Check the operator on the timetables above before purchasing a ticket.

Cash fares routes C25/C26: Single fare £1.20. MyDay £2.60. All Mcard products are valid.

Alerts 36 Bus

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