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New and replacement pass applications

Frequently asked questions about applying for school bus passes

How do I apply for a pass?

First, check your school's page to see which services do or do not require a pass as a small number of routes allow passengers to just 'turn up and ride'. If your route does require a pass, then visit our applications page for a full list of application forms. For statutory zero fare applications, see this section for further information.

Applications are accepted throughout the school year and passes are valid for one school year until 31st July. After then, you must re-apply. Procedures for renewing passes are usually published from around March of each year.

Are there different types of passes?

Yes, see this page for full details.

Under 16 PhotoCards or 16-18 PhotoCards, 19-25 Student PhotoCard are concessionary passes and these do not register your child to a school bus- they relate to how you pay a fare. Please see this website for information and how to apply for these types of pass.

Can I travel on a school bus without a pass?  

If your route does need a pass, then a child may not travel until an application has been made and you have received the pass through the post. There are no temporary passes in the meantime.

If your route does not require a pass, then you may travel straight away.

Can I have more than one pass?

Our policy is to issue only one pass per child valid on the appropriate bus route from the child's registered home address to school. However, we appreciate there can be genuine circumstances where a child may need two passes, for example, where there are custodial issues. This is ultimately dependent upon the capacity of the bus. Please telephone us for advice on 0113 3481122.

How long will it be before I receive my pass?

For Priority PhotoCard applications, generally it takes around 7-10 working days for the pass to be be delivered to you upon our receiving the form.

For zero fare applications, it can take up to around four to six weeks depending which council area you live under: if you live in Bradford Council's area, the assessment time is '30 school days' and for Leeds Council's area assessment time is '15 working days'.

For Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield council areas, please refer directly to those local authorities for their assessment time as they process the applications, not WYCA. However, once they have processed the application, they will send an order to us here at WYCA to produce the pass itself. This will take then 7-10 working days upon receipt of the order.

I’ve lost my pass or it has become damaged, how do I get a new one? 

For a replacement Priority PhotoCard, zero fare Boarding Pass or zero fare School Pass, telephone us on 0113 348 1122 to order a replacement.  

It is the parent's full responsibility to order a replacement straight away as failure to produce a pass after a reasonable length of time may result in the child being denied travel. Those who have a lost or damaged zero fare pass must pay a cash fare in the meantime until a new pass has been received.

For d the Under 16 or 16-18 PhotoCard, 19-25 MCard or any other MCard type product or ticket, please see this section for further details.

Do I need to show or 'swipe' the pass?

'Priority PhotoCard' - no, just show this to the driver.

Zero fare 'School Pass' or 'Boarding pass' - yes, these must be swiped or touched against the ticket terminal.

If the pass is damaged and won't swipe, or the ticket machine is not working for some reason, then the driver will tell you what to do. Remember, you must order a new pass immediately if it is damaged.

I no longer need my pass/I want to cancel my registration

If for any reason your child no longer needs to use the school bus service during the academic year, return the pass to us at this address:
Education Transport, WYCA, Wellington House, 40-50 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 2DE.

For MyBus primary school children, parents should telephone us on 0113 3481122 and cancel their registration.

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