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Frequently asked questions about Mybus services

What if I forget my pass?

If your pass is a zero fare Boarding Pass, you may still be allowed to travel as a one-off, but you'll need to pay a fare to the driver. We recommend that you carry an emergency bus fare with you at all times in case you forget your pass.

If your pass is a Priority Photocard which shows you have a place on the bus, the driver may allow you to travel as a one-off. You'll need to pay a fare as usual. However, you should bring your pass every day.

If you forget your pass on more than one occasion, or have lost it and not replaced it, the driver may set a deadline after which you may no longer be allowed to travel on the bus. You can call the Mybus call centre (0113 348 1122) to replace your lost pass; there is an administration charge of £7.00 for a replacement pass.

My friend is coming for tea, can they travel with me on a Mybus?

Usually yes, although you will need to contact the Mybus call centre (0113 348 1122) first to check there is room on the bus. Your friend will need to be accompanied by a registered Mybus pass holder.

Do I have to wear my seatbelt?

Yes - it's the law and it's for your own safety!

I've sent off my application form but can I reserve a place now on the Mybus?

Sorry - no. We need an application form in order to register you. For primary school services, you can apply online. For secondary school services, download and fill in an application form and pop it in the post. 

Primary school services - Apply online

Secondary school services - Download an application form

I’ve got all the info from the school, but none of the buses passes my house. Do I need to fill out the forms?

No - you will need to use public service buses.

How much does it cost to travel on the Mybus?

Fares differ on Mybuses. For primary schools it is 70p per single journey. For secondary schools, the fares are generally in the region of £1.10 - £1.50 per single journey for students with an Under 16 or 16-18 PhotoCard. Please bear in mind that students without an Under 16 or 16-18 PhotoCard may be charged adult fare. For full information regarding fares, please visit the Mybus Fare Information page.

Can bus operator staff passes be used on the Mybus?

Sorry, no. The fares revenue from the Mybus services comes to Metro and not to the bus operators, therefore Metro would not receive any reimbursement for carrying students who hold a bus operator staff pass. For full information regarding fares, please visit the Mybus Fare Information page.

How old does my child have to be to use the Mybus?

We can accept applications from children aged four and older. Sorry, we do not allow children to travel on the Mybus before their fourth birthday.

My child is 4 years old. Does he/she need to pay a fare on the Mybus?

Children aged four are able to travel free on the Mybus only when accompanied by an older, fare-paying sibling. All children aged five and older must pay an individual fare.

Is there an upper age limit after which my child will no longer be able to use the Mybus?

There is no strict upper age limit, however we do give priority to younger students. On secondary school services, we prioritise students in Years 7 and 8. Students in older year groups are expected to graduate to using normal service buses, or non-Mybus school bus services, if their preferred Mybus service is fully allocated. This depends on the individual school bus service. Some services (including, but not limited to, A77, A78, C6, C36, C47, F4, F7, M1, M4, M8 and S65) are particularly busy and we routinely have to turn down applications from older students. Consideration may be given to allocating additional places on the bus part-way through the school year if there is room on the bus.

Can the buses carry wheelchairs?

Yes, the Mybuses can be adapted to carry wheelchairs. We do ask for at least two weeks' notice so that the necessary adjustments can be made to the bus, as some seats may need to be removed to accommodate a wheelchair. Please contact the Mybus call centre (0113 348 1122) at least one week in advance of when your child needs to travel.

What's the policy on smoking on board the bus?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Mybuses or on other school bus services. This includes electronic cigarettes as some types of electronic cigarette can omit odours that may cause discomfort to other passengers.

Can I take my bicycle on the Mybus?

Sorry, no. The luggage racks are for small items only.

Can I pay the bus fare in arrears?

Sorry, no. All fares must be paid to the driver at the time of boarding or alighting on the day of travel. Fares are non-refundable and cannot be carried over to another journey.

What happens if my child misbehaves on the bus?

Users of the Mybus service are expected to adhere to the Mybus Code of Conduct. This sets out the behaviour standard expected from young people when using the Mybus service. If a child's behaviour does not meet the required standards, our Mybus team will try to work with parents and with the school to resolve the problems. As a last resort measure, in the interests of the safety and comfort of everybody using the service, a child may be suspended from the service temporarily or permanently if behaviour problems cannot be satisfactorily resolved.

What if I leave something on the bus?

Generally lost items will be kept on the bus for the next day, ready to be reclaimed. If you need to reclaim an item sooner than that, please contact our Mybus call centre (0113 348 1122) and we will direct you to the bus operator which operates your Mybus service. You may need to travel to the relevant bus depot/office to reclaim your item.

Why are some school services operated with Mybus vehicles, and others aren't?

There are 165 Mybus school buses across West Yorkshire, plus 29 other school buses fitted out to the Mybus standard. Although this means we can provide Mybus services at a large number of schools, there aren't enough buses to cover every school bus service across the county. 

Many school bus services are operated commercially by bus operators using the kind of buses that you would see on normal bus services. Some other school bus services are tendered by West Yorkshire Combined Authority in the same way as the Mybus services, but use 'normal' buses for a number of reasons - for example, some of the most popular school bus services need to use double-deckers because the Mybuses aren't quite big enough. We review how the Mybus vehicles are used on an ongoing basis to make sure that they are being used in the most effective way.

How can I find out if the Mybus service is running late?

We post updates on the progress of late-running services on our Twitter account, @metrogenm. Follow us there for updates on school bus services as well as news and other offers.

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