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Frequently asked questions about Mybus services

How do I apply to use the Mybus?

All secondary school Mybus services require pre-registration and the appropriate boarding permit. Primary school services also require pre-registration but a boarding permit is not issued - these services use a driver register system instead. Please see our passes and permits page for the application forms.

How old does my child have to be to use the Mybus?

We accept applications from children aged four and older. Children under four years old will not be registered or carried.

Is there an upper age limit after which my child will no longer be able to use the Mybus?

There is no strict upper age limit, however we  give priority to younger students. On secondary school services, we prioritise students in Years 7 and 8. Students in older year groups, particularly sixth form, are expected to use regular service buses.

How much are the fares on the Mybus?

Please visit the Mybus Fare Information page for full details.

Why are some school services operated with Mybus vehicles, and others aren't?

There are 165 Mybus school buses across West Yorkshire, plus 29 other school buses fitted out to the Mybus standard. Although this means we can provide Mybus services at a large number of schools, there aren't enough buses to cover every school bus service across the county. 

Many school bus services are operated commercially by bus operators using the kind of buses that you would see on normal bus services. Some other school bus services are tendered by West Yorkshire Combined Authority in the same way as the Mybus services, but use 'normal' buses for a number of reasons - for example, some of the most popular school bus services need to use double-deckers because the Mybuses aren't quite big enough. We review how the Mybus vehicles are used on an ongoing basis to make sure that they are being used in the most effective way.

My friend is coming for tea, can they travel with me on a Mybus?

Usually yes, although this is dependent upon the capacity of the route. Parents of pupils on primary school services only must ring customer services on 0113 3481122 and formally book the plus one to travel on the bus.

Can the buses carry wheelchairs?

Yes, the Mybuses can be adapted to carry wheelchairs. We do ask for at least two weeks' notice so that the necessary adjustments can be made to the bus, as some seats may need to be removed to accommodate a wheelchair. Please contact the Mybus call centre (0113 348 1122) at least one week in advance of when your child needs to travel.

What are the luggage provisions on the Mybus?

There are limited overhead luggage racks for small items only. Luggage is generally hand luggage only. Larger items that would be stowed on a seat or items such as bicycles are not permitted.

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