Alerts 38 Bus

School bus service changes and disruptions

Changes to school bus services - temporary diversions due to roadworks 

Last updated 10th December


Claremount Road - closed 25th November to 14th December - C54 Lightcliffe Academy

Claremount Road, near to the junction of Boothtown Road will be closed to all traffic both directions on the above dates. Route C54 will divert as follows:

AM: Start on Boothtown Road at Claremount Road junction at 07:50, then via Boothtown Road, New Bank, Horley Green Road, Belgrave Avenue (08:00), Claremount Road, The Incline to Godley Lane and the usual route (timed at Stump Cross approximately 08:05).

PM: from school via the usual route to Godley Lane, then via Horley Green Road, Belgrave Road, Claremount Road, New Bank to Boothtown Road terminating at the junction of Boothtown Road with Claremount Road.

Bingley Road/Toller Lane junction - Heaton - Dixon's Allerton Academy & primary school links

We are aware of gas pipe works affecting the carriageway that began on the 14th October and expected to end on the 27th December causing delays to these services.

To minimise any delays, from Monday 25th November, services A54 and A55 will depart their AM origin 15 minutes earlier than at present for the duration of these works. There is no change to the PM timetable. The new timetables will be:

A54 temporary timetable

A55 temporary timetable

The timetable for the linked trip P93 to primary schools in Heaton will remain unchanged.

Albert Road, Sowerby Bridge - closed 11th November to 20th December - Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge

In order to facilitate work by Northern gas Networks, Albert Road between Beech Road and Milton Avenue will be closed to all traffic. As a consequence, all Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge 'TS-' numbered routes will set down in the AM only at the bus stop on Burnley Road adjacent to Albert Road. The PM buses will continue to pick up in the school grounds.

Alerts 38 Bus
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