Alerts 36 Bus

Will the regular service buses still operate? Are there any additional services? What if my child is unable to board?

Service buses will continue to operate with some variations...

Extra school buses may be provided at schools with a heavy reliance on the on the public transport network. However, this will not apply at every school. In most cases, children and young people who are not able to walk or cycle to school will be able to travel on public transport as normal.

Where extra school bus services are provided, students will be required to pay a fare or scan a prepaid ticket as they would on their normal bus or train journey.

Social distancing rules remain on regular service buses. Whilst every effort is being made to plan for resilience in the service bus network, due to capacity restrictions and the network being shared with other commuters, a seat cannot be guaranteed. We encourage parents/carers to plan for such circumstances and have alternative arrangements in place.

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Alerts 36 Bus

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