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Help completing online forms

If you're experiencing problems completing your online renewal or appeal form, you may find a solution within these common queries listed below.

Why do I need to provide an email address? Can you confirm receipt of my application?

Your email address is to provide you with confirmation your application has reached our servers. It is strictly not used for marketing or given to third parties. There is a separate information regarding GDPR and marketing within the form. Sorry, but due to the huge number of queries we receive on this topic, we cannot confirm applications by telephone. If you have completed a paper application, we suggest posting it to us using a service such as Recorded Delivery.

I haven't received my confirmation email.

Try checking your email provider's 'junk' or 'spam' email folders. Your confirmation email comes from an address with @noreply in the url and some providers treat this as spam, especially corporate work addresses. Try waiting up to 24 hours as sometimes the servers can be busy and delay sending the email until a quieter time. Consider if you have spelled your email address correctly.

If you have reached the very end of the application and you have seen the reference number on screen then clicked 'continue' and have reached our webpage again but still no email, it's most likely your application was received anyway. If you are still in doubt, you can submit your application again.

I am using a mobile phone/tablet and some of the fields don't show correctly.

The form is written in javascript and some browsers on mobile phones in particular have javascript disabled or restricted. 

If you know how, try using another mobile browser or change your browser's settings - Chrome on Android seems to work okay, whilst the built in browser on Apple devices seems to cause the most problems. Otherwise, try using a full desktop or laptop PC.

The postcode field isn't showing my full address.

The address and postcode fields are free-form text boxes and do not perform any kind of automatic check against your postcode. The postcode field is, however, formatted to only accept a standard UK format postcode with or without a space between the two halves. For example LS12DE or LS1 2DE are both acceptable. LS1DE is not valid as it is a digit too short. If the form shows an error against the postcode, it is most likely it is simply not in the correct format.

The telephone number field won't accept my number.

As with the address field, this performs no automatic checks and is a free form box. However, it must still be in the standard 11 digit UK phone number format with or without spaces between the code and the number sections.

For example 0113 3481122 and 01133481122 are acceptable. 011334 81122 is not acceptable. Check you've entered the correct number of digits or that you haven't accidently entered a letter or punctuation mark.

I've tried everything and it still won't work!

If all else fails, complete the alternative paper form. Provided it is still received within any deadlines, this is just as acceptable. Remember we cannot confirm receipt of paper forms due to the high number of queries so please use a service such as Recorded Delivery if you require confirmation.


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