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Where are the timetables and how do I read them? Which stops do buses use? Are there any service changes?

Timetables are listed in the A to Z school finder section with changes and updates listed on the service changes page…

All up to date timetables are listed on the A to Z school finder. A pass symbol against the route number means you must apply for a Priority PhotoCard before you can use that route.

A summary of revised or new services can also be found on the service changes section.

How to read timetables:

The timetables show a full route description listing all the roads the route operates along.

All regular Metro branded bus stops along those roads are observed. If a route is limited stop, this is shown in the timetable.

The timetable only shows times at selected bus stops along the route (called ‘timing points’). Times in between must be estimated. Always be at your stop at least five to ten minutes before a bus is due.

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Alerts 30 Bus

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