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How do I pay a fare or present my pass when boarding?

A cash fare and/or a pass must be presented when boarding the bus...

As your child boards the bus, they must either pay their cash fare or present to the driver the appropriate pass.

Priority PhotoCards: these passes just need to be held up and shown to the driver. They do not need to be touched/swiped against the ticket machine. Then either pay a cash fare or present a pre-paid season ticket.

Zero fare Boarding Pass/School Pass: these passes need to be touched/swiped against the ticket machine. The driver will advise you if you are unsure where to place the card.

Cash fares: hand the cash over to the driver. Passengers are encouraged to have the exact fare, but change is given.

Pre Paid Season tickets: our MCard products must be touched/swiped against the ticket machine. You are encouraged to consider purchasing one of these products as not only does it usually work out cheaper than cash fares but also to minimise physical contact due to Covid-19. Please see our tickets and passes pages for full details.

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