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How do I find out if a bus is running late?

There are several ways to find out...

Services that are know to be running lateĀ - defined as over ten minutes late - are published via our Twitter account @metrogenm. You do not need a Twitter account, but if you do have one, it will be easier to stay updated.

Also check our short term service changes to see if there are any known disruptions such as roadworks which may be affecting services.

A small but significant number of school services can also be monitored on the Your Next Bus real time facility. These are mainly commercially operated school services operated by First in Bradford and Arriva in the Wakefield and north Kirklees areas. Visit our main homepage for information.

Overall, allow up to ten minutes for your service to arrive as many factors can affect the operation of all bus services on the public highway such as general traffic congestion to the weather conditions and ensure you are at your stop at least five to ten minutes before the service is due to ensure that you don't miss the bus.

Alerts 31 Bus

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