Alerts 53 Bus


A summary of changes in Halifax and the Calder Valley area...

The following changes have been made due to Covid-19 lockdown conditions and low passenger numbers. All changes temporary until schools return to normal (March 8th 2021). From March 8th, all school services will operate in full to their regular routes and times.

Brighouse High School:- 

C49 duplicate Station Coaches: Immediate effect, duplicate service C49 operated by Station Coaches is suspended.

C46/C47/C49 First Bus: From Monday 25th January, only C46 and C49 will operate. C47 suspended- passes valid on C49.

Calder High School:- 

C83: From Monday 25th January, route C83 suspended. Passes valid on C82. 
C87: From Monday 25th January, route C87 suspended. Passes valid on C86 if required.

Lightcliffe Academy:- 

This has been updated 22nd January due to our error publishing an incorrect time for the C59. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

From Monday 18th January, all routes temporarily suspended except routes C53 and the C59 (which will also cover part of the C58 route).

C53: as per the usual route and times.

C59: will start at Fenwick Drive as usual at 07:33 and cover the first part of the C59 via Abb Scott Lane as far as Halifax Road, then divert to cover the C58 route between Odsall Road (07:40) to Cooper Lane/Carr House Road then as per the C59 route and times via Shelf to School (Shelf Village Hall 0745, Shelf R'bout 07:50, School 08:05). Bus will show C59, all passes valid.


NH2/3/9: From Monday 25th January, duplicated services NH2, NH3 and NH9 combined into into one and operated by one vehicle. All passes valid. The route will operate as 'NH3' and will cover the usual full NH3 route from the Duke of York via Shelf, Cooper Lane and Northowram to Queensbury. In Queensbury, it will follow the NH2 route via West End and New Park Road not Albert Road. After Queensbury, the usual NH3 route via Mountain and Bradshaw.

NH4/NH6: From Monday 25th January routes NH4 and NH6 will be suspended.

C25/C26: From Monday 25th January First operated routes C25 and C26 will be suspended (shared with Trinity Academy).

Trinity Academy Halifax:-

C25/C26: From Monday 25th January, First operated routes C25 and C26 will be suspended (shared with NHGS).

Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge:- 

TS3: From Monday 25th January, route TS3 suspended. TS1 and TS2 cover the largest part of the route so riders may use these instead - all passes valid.

Alerts 53 Bus

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