Alerts 39 Bus

Bingley Grammar School

rRvised network

Services affected: S31, S35.

Commencing: September 2023.


S31 and S35: these services will be withdrawn. Of the remaining services running in parallel, some will be improved to become double deck busses and passengers will be re-allocated as appropriate. There are no changes to the remaining services' routes or times.

Important Update September 2023 Service S31/S32/S34

S31/S32:- Following the network changes for September 2023, it was intended that the service from Ling Bob would operate as S31, however it will now operate as S32 and will also start back at Windy Grove. Passes that have already been issued for S31 are valid on the S32.

S34:- in the AM, this will operate ten minutes earlier throughout from Monday 11th September. There is no change to the route or PM times. This is address punctuality issues with a linked trip.

Please see the timetables page for details.

Alerts 39 Bus

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