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Timetable and other changes to school bus services

This page lists changes to school bus services such as timetables or operators. For temporary changes due to roadworks and other disruptions, please see this page.

Last updated 20th April 2020.

M8 North Halifax Grammar School - new timetable - 20th April 2020

From after the Easter school holidays, 20th April 2020, route M8 will operate to an amended timetable. 

In the AM only, all timing points between Outlane and Scar Bottom will be 15 minutes later than at present. All timing points from West Vale to the school will be unchanged.

There is no change to the route or to the PM timetable.

[You may recall this service was amended some time ago due to the closure of Elland Bridge but the timetable had not put back to the original once the bridge re-opened. This change is to revert back to that original timetable.]

S2 and S5 Ryburn Valley High School - new timetable - 20th April 2020

Starting after the Easter school holidays, routes S2 and S5 will have a new timetable operating slightly earlier than at present. This is to compensate for delays caused by increasing traffic congestion and will benefit pupils taking exams. There is no change to routes.

[S2 - view the new timetable]

[S5 - view the new timetable]

 C6 Crossley Heath School - withdrawal of service

Update 7th February: the withdrawal of this has been revised to be at the end of this school year, July 2020, and not February half term.

In accordance with our Guidelines for the Provision of School Services policy, MyBus service C6 for Crossley Heath School will be be withdrawn at the end of the school year, July 2020, to allow time for the bus operator CTS to organise a service and accept applications from parents/carers. A letter regarding has been sent to all parents and carers with children registered to this bus on the 10th February - view a copy of this letter

(View a copy of the original withdrawal letter.)

Updated:- Routes PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4, PH5, PH6, PH7 - Prince Henry's Grammar School - deferred until September 2020

The bus companies Connexions and Kilvington of Leeds will begin to operate the above schools services on a commercial basis. It was expected this would begin from the 20th April 2020 but, due to the current Covid-19 situation, this has now been deferred until September 2020.

This means that all current passes including the MyDay and Under 19 Tickets will still remain valid until then.

However, from September, the commercialisation of these services will mean that services will no longer be contracted or subsidised by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, which will put them outside of the West Yorkshire Concessionary Travel Scheme. As a result, our Mcard products such as MyDay and Under 19 Weekly and Monthly tickets, will not be accepted.

Instead, Connexions and Kilvington of Leeds will be introducing the following fare options:

  • Single trip £1.50 (bought from driver)
  • Weekly £12 (bought from driver)
  • Monthly £50 (bought via the operator)  
  • Termly £180 (bought via the operator)     

Where children are entitled to free travel, their zero fare School Passes will be replaced by Connexions and Kilvington of Leeds zero fare Boarding Passes for the relevant service.

Kilvington of Leeds will operate route PH6, Connexions will operate all other PH routes.

In addition to the journeys provided at the end of the school day, Connexions and Kilvington will be operating additional journeys to accommodate students participating in after-school activities.

All Connexions and Kilvington tickets will be available for use on these services

A letter was sent to all parents/carers with children registered to these services on the 6th February 2020. (View a copy of the letter.)


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