Alerts 35 Bus

Ryburn Valley High School

Duplicate services on schhol and public buses...

From September, there will be duplicate services operating to Ryburn Valley High School.

Service 579 

1- Depart Halifax 07:45 to Sowerby arrive 0814

2 - Depart Halifax 0757 to Sowerby arrive 0826

3 - Depart Halifax 0801 to Sowerby arrive 0829

4 - Depart Sowerby 1532 to Halifax arrive 1626

Service S2:

Will operate as two 70 seat buses giving 140 capacity.

Service S7 and new service S10

A duplicate bus will operate to the same route as S7 from Halifax to RVHS but numbered S10 operated by Yelloway. Pupils must use the service allocated on their pass to ensure both services do not exceed their capacity.

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Alerts 35 Bus

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