Alerts 28 Bus

Lightcliffe Academy

Temporary change to routes C58 and C59...

Due to staff shortages as a result of Covid-19, routes C58 and C59 will be merged into one with a slight variation of the route taken.

In summary the bus will start at Odsal Top and follow the usual C58 route to Cooper Lane, then left turn along Halifax Road and around Fenwick Drive/Royd Hall Lane as per the C59, then back along Halifax Road, Carr House Road toward Shelf and the usual C58/59 route to school.

There will be slightly revised times (see below).

This will be from Monday 23rd November to the start of the christmas break, 18th December 2020.

The full combined route description:

AM: start at Odsal Top then via Odsal Road, Fair Rd, Wibsey Park Avenue, Fairfield Avenue, Carr House Lane, (L) Cooper Lane, (L) Carr House Road, Halifax Road (R ) Fenwick drive I(L) Abb Scott Lane, Royds Hall Lane, (L) Halifax Road (L) Brighouse & Denholme Gate Road, Denholme Gate Road (L) Leeds Road, (R ) Wakefield Road (R) Stoney Lane, to school.

PM: reverse of the above.


Odsal Road, Odsal Top 0737
Wibsey Park Ave 0743
Car House Lane / Cooper Lane 0750
Fenwick Drive 0755
Shelf Village Hall 0805
Stone Chair 0810
Lightcliffe 0825


Alerts 28 Bus

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