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Changes to the regular public service bus network general information

There will be amendments to some public buses that operate to or near some schools...

Extra buses may be provided at some schools with a heavy reliance on the on the public transport network. However, this will not apply at every school.

This will mostly mean duplicate services operating along the same route and either timed the same as the standard service or in between existing trips to give a greater frequency. Some duplicates will only carry school pupils. 

Note that some operators have numbered their duplicate services with a lettered or numbered prefix and/or may be a different operator to the usual bus - these are shown in the listings.

Most changes are listed on a per school basis. To see if your route has any such amendments, please return to the list and look up your individual school for details.

Additionally in Leeds and Bradford, First West Yorkshire will operate over 130 individual duplicate journeys across many of their routes. These are all listed in the section "Leeds city area public network duplicate services" and "Bradford city area public network duplicate services" and not by individual school. These duplicates will benefit not only those schools and colleges that are along the routes, but also students who interchange between services in Leeds or Bradford city centre.

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Alerts 36 Bus

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