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Mybus Primary Engagement 2023 - P51

Following the recent engagement on school bus service P51, the decision on the continuation of this service has been deferred to allow time for further discussions with the school and BKCAT Academy Trust with a view to obtaining funding from the school or Trust and/or increasing/guaranteeing parental contributions. The service will continue if a suitable funding plan can be agreed before the end of May 2023.

The annual cost to operate Service P51 is £69,409 and the revenue from passengers totals £15,048. This means that the Combined Authority currently pays a subsidy of £4.34 per passenger, per journey. To bring the costs in line with the Combined Authorities value for money criteria a further £29,281.24 is needed to ensure the continuation of the service.

Further details will be communicated to the school and all users in the next week to progress with discussions regarding the continuation of the service.

Thank you for all the feedback that you took the time to submit, your views are very important to us and demonstrate what a valuable service the Mybus is to the whole school community.

Alerts 42 Bus

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