Alerts 53 Bus

Appealing against an unsuccessful application

If you have made an application but have been unsuccessful or wish to request a swap to another service, please consider the following information.

Zero fare applications: to appeal against a zero fare decision, if you live in Calderdale, Kirklees or Wakefield Council areas, please refer to the respective council. For those who live in the Bradford or Leeds Council areas, please refer to your decision letter.

Pupil allocation criteria: please see Guidelines for the provision of School Transport 

Buses at full capacity: we can only issue as many passes as there is capacity on the vehicle. In conjunction with the bus operating companies, we frequently monitor passenger levels and if it becomes evident in the future that a service is consistently operating below capacity, we will issue further passes (based on our pupil allocation criteria).

Appealing based on medical grounds: evidence must be submitted to us if you wish to appeal based on medical grounds.

Swapping services due to bullying or misbehaviour concerns: we can only swap if there is capacity on the requested service. Our prefered course of action is to remove those causing the issue rather than swap pupils between services. Ask your school to contact us regarding the bullying or misbehaviour issues.

Swapping services for other reasons: we can only swap if the service you wish to swap to has sufficient capacity. If we are able to swap services, you will be required to return your existing pass to us before we can issue you with another.


Alerts 53 Bus

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