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Services at full capacity

Information regarding school busses at full capacity

Below is a list of secondary school services at full capacity to which no more passengers can be allocated at this time.

However, you are still encouraged to submit an application. Initially, you may receive an email or letter rejecting your application. Passenger loading levels can vary considerably over time and we frequently check these throughout the school year. If the data shows a service to be consistently operating under capacity, we will allocate extra passengers. We may also allocate your child to an alternative service if that has capacity available.

Here is a list of full services. (Last updated 22nd September 2022.)

Abbey Grange: AG1, AG7, AG8

Bell Vue Girls: A8

Benton Park: B30. Consider B29 or B31 as an alternative.

Brighouse: C47. Consider part duplicate C49 as an alternative.

Brigshaw: BR8. Consider BR6 or BR7 as an alternative.

Calder High: C82 and C83. For those living nearer to Kings Cross/Burnley Road, consider C92.

Feversham: F11.

Honley High: K1, K4.

Ilkley Grammar: G22, G26.

King James School: K86 and K87. Consider K81 as an alternative.

Mount St. Marys: MM1.

North Halifax Grammar: NH1.

Parkside: PS21PS23, PS25, PS26, PS29.

Prince Henry Grammar: PH5, PH6 and PH8.

Queensbury: Q77.

Ryburn Valley: S7. Consider S10 as an alternative as this is a duplicated route.

Ryburn Valley: S9. Consider C14 or S10 if living near to this route or service buses from Halifax via King Cross.

Ryburn Valley: S2. Consider S3 as an alternative.

Ryburn Valley S5: Applicants will be allocated duplicate S3.

St Marys Menston: SM21, SM22, SM24, SM28.

SBSJ:  B8, B9, B18, B23.

South Craven: B36, B38, S23, S40.

Titus Salt: S67.

Trinity Academy Halifax: C25 (Boothtown service only).

Trinity Grammar Sowerby Bridge: TS2.

Wetherby: WH21 and WH26.


Alerts 37 Bus

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