Alerts 42 Bus

Services at full capacity

Information regarding school busses at full capacity

Below is a list of school services at full capacity to which no more passengers can be allocated at this time.

However, you are still encouraged to submit an application. Initially, you may receive an email or letter rejecting your application. Passenger loading levels can vary considerably over time and we frequently check these throughout the school year. If the data shows a service to be consistently operating under capacity, we will allocate extra passengers. We may also allocate your child to an alternative service if that has capacity available.

For primary school services capacity is rarely an issue, but for those services that do become full, please be advised that passenger levels usually remain static throughout the school year and rarely do new places become available. You are still encouraged to send in an application, but we will keep this on file until such time capacity becomes available.

Services at full capacity:-

Primary School services: (as at 28th November 2023)

Full: K72 NLC // P35 - Sandy Lane // P93 Carlton Mills, Margaret Mcmillan, St Cuthberts, St Banabas // S11 Rowley Lane & Lepton

At near full capacity: K71 NLC // P40 Sacred Heart // P67 Badsworth

Secondary School Services:

Benton Park B30 // Bingley Grammar S34 // Boston Spa BS22, BS26, BS27 // Calder High C82, C83 // Honley all services except K6 //  King James K86, K87 // North Halifax Grammar NH1 // Prince Henry PH5, PH6 (consider using PH8 instead) // St Marys Menston SM22, SM28 // South Craven  all services.

Alerts 42 Bus

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