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Primary school application form

The information and application forms on this page are for primary school services

Please note that Education Transport staff are following Government guidance and are home working due to Coronavirus. Regretably this means we are unable to post out paper forms by request until further notice.

Before completing any application forms, please refer to: 

terms and conditions of registration for primary school services

MyBus primary school FAQs.

Application form for school year September 2021 to July 2022

This form is to be used for applications for school year September 2021 to July 2022 only.

To make an application select one of the links below. You will download a form and this is opened and completed in any suitable word procesor application. You do not need to print it out. Full instructions on how to return this to us by email are on the form. You are advised to use a laptop/desktop PC - a mobile or tablet device may work, but results can be variable.

When we have processed your application, we will write to you or email you with a date to start travelling. Generally, if your application is received office hours Monday through to Thursday morning each week, your child will start travelling from the next Monday week commencing. Applications received after that time will be held over and processed to start the Monday week after.

Please do not use this form to apply for statutory zero fare (see below).

Special applications: see below regarding WG2 Dane Royd School.

Full services: Some service are now full or close to capacity. These are: K71 Netherhall (nearly full), P35 Sandy Lane (full), P40 Sacred Heart (full), P67 Badsworth (full), P93 Barnabas/Cuthbert/Lister/Margaret McMillan (full)

Application form in Microsoft Office format (Should work in Office 365 and other compatible applications)

Application form in open data source format (Suitable for Libre Office etc, if the Microsoft Office format does not work for you)

WG2 Dane Royd School

To travel on this route your child must live in Woolley Grange and qualify for statutory zero fare. Two separate applications must be made - one to Wakefield Council for the zero fare status here and one to ourselves using the form listed above. Wakefield Council will process the zero fare element then send an approval to us. When we are in receipt of both applications, we will issue a zero fare Boarding Card valid on the WG2.

Renewals and new applications for Statutory Zero Fare pupils

Please see the statutory free school travel section for full details.

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