Leeds City Centre, Wellington Street (Majestyk Building Works)

Work to refurbish the Majestyk Building, from Monday 27 November 2017, has resulted in Wellington Street being reduced to one lane between City Square and King St for around 18 months.

Updated: 27 December 2017

Services affected: 4, 4G, 7, 7A, 7S, 11, 11E, 15, 16, 16A, 19, 19A, 33, 33A, 40, 42, 60, 64, 508, 670 and 757


On Wellington Street, bus stops S1 (45013158) and S2 (45013157) will be suspended and S3 (45013156) will be affected.


  • Services 4, 4G, 16 and 16A will stop S6 Station Interchange (outside Rail Station) instead of S2
  • Services 11 and 11E will stop at S9 Station Interchange instead of S2
  • Services 15 will stop at S7 Station Interchange instead of S2
  • Service 42 towards Old Farnley will stop at The Headrow, R4 and Park Row, stop P4 
  • Services 14. X11, X14 will not stop S3 and will stop instead at Park Row, stop P3
  • Services 33, 33A, 60, 508, 670, 757 towards Kirkstall Rd will continue to use stop S3
  • Services 7, 7A, 7S, 19, 19A, 40, 64 journeys that terminated at Wellington St will terminate at Station Interchange (outside Rail Station) instead





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