Newsome, Newsome Road South (Kirklees)

Services affected: 306, 308 & 319

Newsome Road South closed for resurfacing from Monday 18 February to Saturday 2 March. Monday to Fridays 0930 to 1530 and Saturdays 0700 to 2300

Updated: 14 February 2019

Service 308 normal route to Newsome Church then right down Lockwood Scar, left at the bottom picking up normal route from Berry Brow and vice versa.

Services 306 319 normal to Newsome church, right Church Lane, Lockwood Scar, left Barcroft Road, right Close Hill Lane, Bluebell Hill, Fairlea Road, left Taylor Hill Road, left Bankfield Park Avenue, right Caldercliffe Road and right Farehill Road.

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