Alerts 27 Bus

195A Hemsworth-South Hiendley-Ryhill (Wakefield)

Services affected: 195, 195A and 196

From Monday 28 February, a free shuttle service will operate by Falcon Travel to connect with service 196 between Hemsworth, South Hiendley and Ryhill each evening

Updated: 24 February 2022

From Monday 28 February, a free shuttle service operated by Falcon Travel, is operating to connect with service 196 each evening.

This service will provide connections for customers travelling to/from Ryhill, South Hiendley and Hemsworth.

Daily timetable

Arriva 196 Arrives from Wakefield                         2023 2123 2223

Ryhill Havercroft Green                                           2028 2128 2228
South Hiendley Elizabeth Ave Nelson St              2033 2133 2233
Hemsworth Bus Station                                          2041 2141 2241

Hemsworth Bus Station                                          2114 2214 2314
South Hiendley, High St Wood St                          2122 2222 2322
Ryhill Havercroft Green                                           2127 2227 2327

Arriva 196 Departs to Wakefield                            2132 2232 2332*

*196 to Ryhill and New Crofton only

Route Description

From Ryhill Havercroft Green via Brier Lane, Tun Lane, George Street, Main Street, Brierley Road, South Hiendley, Regent Street, Elizabeth Avenue, High Street, Robin Lane, Barnsley Road, Cross Hill, Market Street to Hemsworth Bus Station.

From Hemsworth Bus Station via Market Street, Barnsley Road, Robin Lane, South Hiendley, High Street, Elizabeth Avenue, Regent Street, Brierley Road, Main Street, George Street, Tun Lane, Brier Lane to Ryhill Havercroft Green.

Alerts 27 Bus

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