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AccessBus FAQs

Where does AccessBus go?

Most AccessBus trips are to local supermarkets and shopping centres. We also provide transport for social, leisure and worship purposes. Please call our enquiry line on 0113 348 1903 to find out about existing trips from your area or your booking line number (if registered) to enquire about setting up/booking a trip to a new/different venue. We can only provide transport within West Yorkshire.

Will the driver assist me?

The driver will provide suitable assistance from the door of your property (the main entrance of flats and sheltered housing schemes) onto the vehicle and to your seat. The vehicle remains stationary until everyone is seated and seat belted. You will be taken to the door of your destination and the driver will help carry your shopping on and off the bus and over your threshold.

He/she is unable to take shopping to higher floors of housing schemes where it would necessitate leaving the bus unattended and out of sight.

Drivers are not allowed to enter your property and are unable to provide personal care support, such as putting on your coat/shoes or fetching mobility aids from storage.

How often can I use AccessBus?

You can use AccessBus as many times as the bus is in your area and there is space and time available for your required journey. If the trip you wish to make becomes fully subscribed, we will try and offer an alternative but it may be necessary to limit the number of individual trips per week if demand exceeds capacity.

Am I still registered?

Your registration is active for a period of six months after your last booking. It may be necessary to re-register with the service if you haven't booked within the last six months.

Who’s eligible?

Anyone of any age is eligible to use the service. You do not need to be disabled or of state pension age.

Do you provide travel to medical appointments?

We are unable to provide travel for hospital appointments. Please consult your hospital outpatient clinic or the Patient Transport Service if you are unable to use public or other transport to attend due to your medical condition. It is unlikely that we would be able to cater for day and time-specific requests, such as doctor, dentist, or chiropody appointments as, to make best use of the vehicles, we serve certain areas on set days.

Can someone travel with me and does it have to be the same person every time?

You can take a companion(s) with you when you travel subject to pre-booking to ensure seats are available. The companion will need to pay a fare unless you have an ENCTS pass with a carer entitlement, or they have their own pass. If you have a regular booking with a seat for a companion, it does not have to be the same person travelling with you each time.

Can I take my baby/toddler on AccessBus?

You can take your children with you when you travel on AccessBus, but any children travelling must use the correct car seat (which you will need to provide) until they are either 135cm tall or 12 years old.

Children under 5 years travel free. Children aged between 5-11 years and 11-19 years with a half fare pass or wearing their school uniform, pay a flat fare of £1.50 each way.

Prams/buggies must be folded.

Can I take my mobility scooter?

We are unable to transport mobility scooters on AccessBus. We do drop off at selected destinations with shopmobility schemes and supermarkets with mobility scooter hire.

Can I travel in my wheelchair?

You can remain seated in your electric or manual wheelchair while traveling on our vehicle if it has passed crash testing to the relevant ISO standard, is CE marked and has the securement points for tie down straps marked on it.

Lost property/found on AccessBus

If you think you have lost property on AccessBus, please call our enquiry line on 0113 348 1903.

What can/cannot be carried on AccessBus?

Large bulky items cannot be carried on AccessBus due to space limitations.

Can I take my pet on Accessbus?

Although Assistance and Guide Dogs are welcome on AccessBus, we regret we are unable to carry pets.

Are there steps on AccessBus?

All our fleet vehicles are low floor, easy access. There are low floor seats available on all buses and two small steps to the rear seats. The driver will help passengers to negotiate these steps and there are grab rails. It may be necessary on occasion to use a replacement vehicle with a passenger lift.

Can I use my MCard/MetroCard on AccessBus?

Yes, we do accept MCard/MetroCard. We cannot accept tickets issued by individual bus operators.

Can I book AccessBus to go to the coast?

No. AccessBus only operates within West Yorkshire.

Can I visit my friend in a different district of West Yorkshire?

We are only able to provide journeys within the council area that you live. There are limited exceptions to this where the nearest convenient shopping/leisure destination is in a different district.

Do you work in the evening?

The service operates between 9am and 5pm.

Why can’t I use AccessBus to go to social services day care?

Social Services have their own dedicated fleet of vehicles available to transport clients. AccessBus provides transport for voluntary sector organisations.

Can I hire the bus?

We do not provide a private hire service, but it may be possible to do a group trip within West Yorkshire during existing AccessBus hours. Please speak to us on 0113 348 1903 to check availability.