real-time bus information

Public transport: real-time bus information Multi-stop bus departure displays available for the workplace.

Real-time bus information showing live departure times for bus stops in West Yorkshire was developed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority for display on screens or intranet pages at private or public premises.

This yournextbus service is an ideal solution for workplaces, shopping centres, hospitals and health establishments which are located close to multiple stops and wish to encourage more of their employees and visitors to use public transport.

The information can be displayed in a format similar to screens located at bus and rail stations.

See how a live display board looks (opens in new window).

How it works

Buses are equipped with an on-board computers which allow them to report their position to a central computer. The central computer then estimates how long the bus will take to reach all bus stops along the route. The information can be accessed through a number of different ways including screens, QR codes and NFC tags at selected bus stops.

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