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Mayor's Fares

Buses are getting cheaper! From Sunday 4 September 2022, travel for less with the Mayor’s Fares.

Bus passengers can travel for less thanks to two new Mayor’s Fares being introduced on Sunday 4 September 2022.The Mayor's Fares Illustration Graphic

From 4 September, single journeys will be capped at £2 and the MCard DaySaver will be £4.50, reduced from £5.50 – an almost 20% saving on the current price.

New MCard Ticket Prices  

The following new prices will also be effective from Sunday 04 September 2022 on MCard:






Price Valid from 04/09/22  

DaySaver Bus  

1 Day  


DaySaver Bus  

3 Days  


DaySaver Bus  

5 Days  


DaySaver Bus  

10 Days  


Countywide Bus  



Countywide Bus  



Countywide Bus  




How to buy?

Passengers can buy Single and DaySaver tickets on the bus with cash or contactless and through the MCard Mobile app on both apple and android smartphones. 

 MCard smartcards can also be topped up with daily, weekly and monthly MCard tickets on the android MCard app and at Bus Station Travel Centres, ticket machines and Payzone stores.


Which bus services and routes does this apply to?

The maximum single fare of £2 and maximum daily fare of £4.50 will apply across West Yorkshire, on all service operators, on journeys within West Yorkshire. These are not applicable to Park & Ride services, football and other events specials, or the parts of journeys that are outside West Yorkshire.



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