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MyJourney - Your Local Transport Plan

The Third West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan, 'My Journey', runs from 2011 to 2026.

You can download the latest version of MyJourney and supporting appendices below. These documents were last updated on 3 October 2012.

Objectives of LTP3

‘MyJourney’ has three main objectives:

  • Economy To improve connectivity to support economic activity and growth in West Yorkshire and the Leeds City Region;
  • Low Carbon To make substantial progress towards a low carbon, sustainable transport system for West Yorkshire, while recognising transport's contribution to national carbon reduction plans;
  • Quality of Life To enhance the quality of life of people living in, working in and visiting West Yorkshire.

The Plan sets out to tackle congestion and a lack of transport investment which are key contributory factors to lower than average economic performance in West Yorkshire. It also aims to prepare for the predicted, post-recession growth in employment, population and housing and their impact on the reliability of the transport network.


Four themes run through LTP3 to help ensure it achieves its aims:

  • Transport Assets focusing on the existing components of the transport network such as roads, bus stations & stops and traffic lights to ensure we are getting the most value out of them
  • Travel Choices enabling customers to make the most sustainable choices about when and how they travel
  • Connectivity ensuring people can make integrated and safe journeys using transport networks on which they can rely.
  • Enhancements improving the overall network to make it more fit for journeys in the future.

LTP3 also concentrates on ensuring equality and safety, improving the county’s natural and built environment, appropriate decision-making processes.

Supporting information

In addition to the LTP and the Appendices there is a series of supporting documents.

Supporting documentation and appendices