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Why Using Public Transport is Good for Hybrid Workers in West Yorkshire

6 March 2023

Why Using Public Transport is Good for Hybrid Workers in West Yorkshire

Hybrid work has become increasingly popular in recent years, as many companies have embraced remote work options for their employees. However, for those who need to commute between their homes and offices, using public transport can be a great option. Here's why:

Saves Money: Commuting by car can be expensive, especially if you have to drive to and from work every day. Not only do you have to pay for petrol, but maintenance and insurance costs can be expensive, not to mention car parking fees when you finally find a space. On the other hand, taking the bus or train can be much more cost-effective

Flexible Ticketing:  With recent West Yorkshire price reductions on shorter term bus tickets such as day tickets at £4.50 and all single tickets being £2 max there’s never been a better time for hybrid workers to switch to bus or do more journeys. There are even some great deals for weekend and group trips for getting around West Yorkshire with friends and family.

Reduces Stress: Commuting by car can be stressful, especially during rush hour traffic. Sitting back and enjoying the ride on public transport, on the other hand, provides a more relaxed and predictable commuting experience, allowing you to arrive at work feeling less stressed and more refreshed. Factoring in short walks to your stop or station can really be beneficial for your wellbeing.  Evidence shows that people who use public transport can be healthier too than those who soley use car as a means for travel.

Better for the Environment: Cars contribute significantly to air pollution and climate change. Did you know one bus can take around 75 cars off the road. Just think how that might reduce congestion and improve air quality for you and your family and community as well as reducing your carbon footprint and helping to protect the environment.

More Productive Time: Commuting by car can be wasted time in terms of driving, potential congestion and, finding and paying for parking. You can free up time and use it for more productive activities like reading, catching up on work, or simply looking out of the window and enjoying the great views that West Yorkshire has to offer. It can be quicker too and bus priority measures such as traffic signal priority and bus lanes can make a massive difference to your commute time.

Provides Opportunities to Connect: Catching the bus or train  provides opportunities to meet new people and connect with your community.  Whether it is chatting at stops, stations or even on board, or if you're commuting with colleagues. This can be a great way to build new relationships and expand your professional network.

In summary, using public transport is a great option for hybrid workers who need to commute between  homes and offices. Not only can you save money, reduce stress, and benefit your community and the environment, but it also provides more productive time and opportunities for connection. By choosing to take public transportation, hybrid workers can enjoy a more convenient, efficient, and greener commute.

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