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New MCard ticket machines Dewsbury, Halifax, Keighley and Wakefield bus stations

22 February 2018

Passengers at Dewsbury, Halifax, Keighley and Wakefield bus stations can now use automatic ticket machines to buy a new pink MCard smartcard, top up their existing MCard and check their MCard account balance.

In addition, West Yorkshire Combined Authority has installed a third ticket machine at its Bradford Interchange facility.

These new machines are in addition to the one that were installed Bradford Interchange and Castleford, Huddersfield, Leeds and Pontefract Bus Stations last year.

People with pink MCards can use the new machines to purchase Weekly or Monthly Bus Only products or Daysavers. Those with white Pay As You Go MCards can top them up in £5 increments, and young people with one of the range of blue Young Person’s Photocards or with a green 19-25 Student card can buy weekly or monthly bus travel.

Clearly branded and located in prominent positions the MCard machines accept Credit or Debit Cards and feature easy-to-use LCD touch screens with simple step-by-step instructions. Apple Pay and Contactless payment options will also be introduced in the future.

They can be used seven days a week during bus stations opening hours, meaning customers no longer need to make these transactions at our Bus Station Travel Centres. MCard, the West Yorkshire Ticketing Company’s smart ticketing scheme, is run by the county’s bus and rail operators and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Cllr Keith Wakefield Chair of West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Transport Committee said: “Since we installed MCard ticket machines at Bradford Interchange and Castleford, Huddersfield, Leeds and Pontefract Bus Stations in May last year, passengers have used them to make over 35,000 transactions.

“By rolling out more ticket machines at new locations and an extra one at Bradford Interchange, we are increasing those levels of convenience. This helps encourage more people to use public transport, which in turn contributes to reducing congestion and its economic and environmental costs.”

As well as being more convenient for customers, the ticket machines mean staff in Bus Station Travel Centres are available to deal with more complicated or time- consuming transactions and provide passengers with more help and support.

MCard ticket machines at 38 West Yorkshire rail stations can also be used to top up MCard smartcards for weekly and monthly rail and bus travel.

In October 2017, the Combined Authority released a free android app that customers can use to buy and load MCards, 24/7 not matter where they are. Since its launch, the app has been used to make 16,350 transactions.

Find out more about MCard, how to use it and where to buy MCard products. 

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