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Mcard’s top West Yorkshire spots to blog about

9 October 2018

This Autumn, over 20 young bloggers have teamed up with MCard to share the benefits and travel discounts available in West Yorkshire with the 19-25 or Student PhotoCard.

Social media stars

The social media stars have been challenged to find their top five favourite places to visit in West Yorkshire by bus or train and will take to social media to share with fans their experiences and recommendations on places to visit.

Among the bloggers taking part are fashion marketing students at Leeds Beckett University, who have all been set the challenge as part of their degree course.

Find out more about money-saving travel with 19-25 or Student PhotoCard travel with MCard.

Sarah Cooper, Fashion Marketing Tutor at Leeds Beckett University said: “This is a great opportunity for students to not only practice their skills and work with a well-known local brand such as MCard, but it also gives them opportunity to experience what else is to offer right on their doorstep.”

Erica Mulkern, Blogger from ROSEPETALTEA Blog said: “I can’t wait to start the challenge and use my MCard to find new, exciting places for me and my friends. Living on a student budget isn’t easy, but the MCard ticket at £15.40 per week will cover all my journeys to uni and work, as well as the shops, nightlife and lots of other places.”

Discounted bus and train travel 

With 92,000 young people starting at one of West Yorkshire’s seven universities this year, MCard is aiming to promote discounted bus and train travel across West Yorkshire for all students or 19-25 year-olds.

Working with young people to help promote public transport has already proved successful. Earlier this year, social media influencers Waliyha Malik, Apollonia Llewellyn and Jamie Sowden all starred in the ‘I’m Everything’ campaign where they blogged about the benefits of travelling with MCard. The campaign saw a 35% increase in applications for the 19-25 or Student PhotoCard as the bloggers’ peers rushed to sign up for their money-saving travel card.


MCard is also encouraging young people to take up the MCard challenge and share photos of their favourite places in West Yorkshire on social media with @MCardTravel using #ImEverything.

Find out more about money-saving travel with 19-25 or Student PhotoCard travel with MCard.

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