12 April 2016

Daysaver infographicWest Yorkshire Combined Authority is helping bus passengers’ money go further from Monday 18 April, with the introduction of the new DaySaver bus ticket.

DaySaver provides all day bus travel throughout West Yorkshire and costs £6 for one day’s travel.  If you buy three or five, the price comes down to £5.50 per day, or buy 10 DaySavers and the cost drops to just £5 per day.

DaySavers can be bought individually or in multiples of three, five and ten:

  • One DaySaver - £6
  • Five DaySavers - £27.50 (£5.50 per day)
  • Ten DaySavers - £50 (£5 per day).

Play the MCard DaySaver Ninja game and you could win 10 DaySavers

DaySavers are being introduced on the same day that the price of the MetroDay ticket, which can be bought on the bus, rises from £5.50 to £6.

They can be pre-purchased and used any time within the next 12 months. This makes them useful to part-time workers, students, and other people who use buses, but not necessarily every day.

With DaySavers, people can use different bus operators’ services without having to pay for separate products, and can catch any bus on their route rather than having to wait for the 'right' one that matches their ticket.

Pink MCards are not photocards, which means they can be used separately by friends, family members or house-mates.

Find out more about MCard (opens in new window).

DaySavers can be loaded onto pink MCards at nine Bus Station Travel Centres from Monday 18 April, and at all 700 West Yorkshire Payzone stores from Thursday 21 April. 

Find your nearest PayZone store (Payzone website - opens in new window).

Bus Station Travel Centres are located at:

  • Bradford Interchange
  • Castleford Bus Station (sells all MCards but only accepts debit/credit card payments. No cash.)
  • Dewsbury Bus Station (Run by Arriva)
  • Halifax Bus Station
  • Huddersfield Bus Station
  • Keighley Bus Station (Run by TransDev)
  • Leeds Bus Station
  • Pontefract Bus Station
  • Wakefield Bus Station (Run by Arriva)

Find out more about Bus Station Travel Centres


MCardAnyone encountering difficulties buying a DaySaver ticket or loading it onto their MCard should use the online feedback form to report it so that the MCard team can follow up and rectify the situation.

Passengers with an NFC enabled smartphone can use the  MCard App (opens in new window) to check the number of DaySavers they have on their card at any time.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority is committed to developing an improved and integrated transport network that supports economic growth and the creation of jobs across the Leeds City Region and smart travel is a key element of this work.

There are currently around 100,000 MCard holders making it the largest travel smartcard system outside London. Over 1.1 million smartcard transactions take place on West Yorkshire’s buses and trains, over 30% of all bus transactions are now ‘smart’.

Earlier this month, the Combined Authority introduced smartcard top-ups at 38 West Yorkshire rail stations. Over the summer it plans to start rolling out ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ and online top-ups for MCards as well as investigating the potential use of contactless bank cards and phone payments.

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