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The Leeds Railway Station (Southern Entrance) Order

The LSSE TWA Order

LSSE TWA Order Documents

The Transport and Works Act Process

The Transport and Works Act (TWA) 1992 provides the means for authorising guided transport schemes and certain types of infrastructure projects in England and Wales.


TWA Orders are granted by the Secretary of State for Transport. The TWA process is designed so that the views of all stakeholders can be properly taken into account before the Secretary of State for Transport makes a decision. Stakeholders are any individual or organisation who may be affected by the proposed scheme. They include local authorities, affected land and property owners, local residents, local businesses and voluntary or statutory bodies with relevant functions or interests such as the environment or heritage.


The LSSE TWA Order application was submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport on Tuesday 15 May 2012 and the objection period closed on Thursday 28 June 2012. The Secretary of State for Transport will consider whether a Public Inquiry is to be held. The Inquiry is held by an independent Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport and objectors are entitled to appear at the Inquiry and state their case.


The Inspector will then produce a report for the Secretary of State for Transport. The report may include recommendations for changes to the proposed scheme or additional mitigations and safeguards which the Inspector feels are justified on the basis of the evidence submitted.


If a Public Inquiry is required for LSSE, Metro and Network Rail would expect it to take place in late 2012.


You can find out more information on Transport and Works Act Orders on the Department for Transport's website (opens in a new window). 

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The LSSE TWA Order

West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (Metro) of Wellington House, 40-50 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 2DE and Network Rail Infrastructure Limited of Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG are applying to the Secretary of State for Transport under section 6 of the Transport and Works Act 1992 for the above-mentioned Order under sections 1 and 3 of that Act.


The Order makes provisions for the construction and maintenance of a new station entrance on the southern boundary of Leeds Railway Station in the City of Leeds to be constructed on piers sunk into the bed of the Aire and Calder Navigation including an access bridge and incorporating escalators and a lift.


The Order also provides for the construction and maintenance of ancillary works and includes provisions to execute street works, to alter the layout of streets, to stop up streets permanently and temporarily, to provide access to works, to construct, alter and maintain new streets and to enter into agreements with street authorities. The Order also makes provision for the discharge of water, to carry out protective works to buildings, roads and apparatus of a statutory undertaker and to survey and investigate land.


The order would authorise the permanent and temporary closure of, and the construction of both permanent and temporary works in, part of the Aire and Calder Navigation as well as the extinguishment of rights of navigation and the removal of vessels from that part of the waterway.


The Order confers powers for the compulsory acquisition of land for the purposes of the works and for ancillary purposes and the imposition of restrictive covenants, the acquisition of easements or other rights in land, the appropriation of the subsoil of or airspace over streets, the temporary use of land for the construction or maintenance of works, to disregard certain interests and improvements in land and for the set-off in any enhancement in the value of land in assessing compensation payable. The Order would also confer powers for the acquisition of part only of certain properties, the extinction or suspension of private rights of way, and provides a time limit for the exercise of the powers of compulsory acquisition conferred by the Order.


The Order would modify planning legislation in relation to tree preservation orders and as to the treatment of land as operational land, provide for the felling or lopping of trees overhanging the works and override the application of landlord and tenant law in relation to agreements relating to the authorised works.


The Order further provides for the prevention of obstruction of the construction of the works and trespass on the proposed station entrance and makes provision for traffic regulation, provides a defence to proceedings in respect of statutory nuisance and includes protective and ancillary provisions.


The application is to be made subject to an environmental impact assessment.


The application contains a statement that a direction for deemed planning permission is being applied for.

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LSSE TWA Order Documents

The TWA Application includes 15 documents which are published on the LSSE documents page. There are a couple of very large files which may take a little longer to download.

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