Castleford Rail Station Redevelopment

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) are working with key stakeholders to secure funding for the redevelopment of Castleford Rail Station.

July 2016


Following the opening of the new Castleford Bus Station, WYCA has started the third phase of the high quality gateway project in Castleford. Overall funding is yet to be approved but an outline feasibility option has been selected. This phased approach has allowed WYCA and partners to realise their ambitions for a bus, rail interchange in a more affordable way.



 The phases are:

  1. A new bus station 
    The new bus station is now complete and opened on Sunday 22 February 2015
  2. Improved links 
    Improving the links between the bus and rail stations - completed February 2015 by Wakefield MDC.
  3. Rail Station redevelopment - full scheme funding yet to be approved
    The redevelopment of Castleford Rail Station including creating a new, high quality, modern passenger waiting area.

Rail Station Redevelopment

This project will concentrate on delivery Phase 3.


WYCA will project manage the delivery in partnership with key stakeholders at Wakefield Council, Northern Rail and Network Rail. Although the station has benefited from some minor investments over the last couple of years, the need for significant investment remains.


Access to the station requires improvement and there is very little in the way of passenger facilities. The area could be made more attractive and appealing, in particular the subway to the South West of the station.


Current progress on the project is the commission of Network Rail to review the design proposals to ensure they meet railway industry standards. There are then a number of funding approvals to go through as the scheme develops. Although the exact specifications of the design have yet to be approved, some of the features that may be included in the redeveloped station are:

  •  New landscaping and civic space in front of the station
  •  Improvements to the subway link
  •  New heated, enclosed waiting facility
  •  Car park layout and highway improvements
  •  Improvements for pedestrian access and links to the bus station and town centre
  •  Improved CCTV and lighting.

Time scales

Work could commence on site early-mid 2018 and be completed late 2018.


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