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Bradford Interchange Access Improvements

Work to improve the main entrance to Bradford Interchange has now been completed and re-opened on Sunday 12th August 2018.

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Improved Access for Bradford Interchange complete

The redevelopment improves the safety, accessibility and operation for all users. The new layout now provides the following benefits:

  • Dedicated, public pick up and drop off area;
  • Dedicated short stay disabled parking space;
  • Central, dedicated taxi rank, accessed by zebra crossings;
  • New guard railing to improve pedestrian safety;
  • Improved and elongated pedestrian crossing at the entrance to the site; and
  • Complete resurfacing of the area with the use of high quality materials.

Pedestrian access was maintained throughout the project and Hackney Carriages had access through the majority of the project.


Project Description
: Construction of a revised layout to improve site access and safety, by reducing conflict between users and limiting pedestrian infringements.

Objective: Improve accessibility and address current site safety and operational issues within the main pedestrian access area to Bradford Interchange, off Bridge Street.

Overall Cost: Approx. £210k

Promoting Authority: West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Project Contact Email:

Estimated Completion Date: August 2018

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