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Voucher claims and taxi refunds for bus journeys in West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority is working together with the City Region’s major bus companies, Arriva, First, Transdev and the Association of Bus Operators in West Yorkshire on an initiative called the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance.

One of West Yorkshire Bus Alliance's pledges is to improve customer satisfaction and passenger experience. As part of that pledge we offer:

  • Free Journey Guarantee - If you are not happy with your bus journey, you can claim a free travel voucher from either: First, Arriva or Transdev.
    You will need to contact the appropriate operator (see below) and they will arrange for a free journey voucher to be sent out to you, for use on a future date.

  • Free taxi if your last bus is late - If your last bus doesn’t arrive within 20 minutes of the scheduled time, you can call a taxi, save the receipt and claim the cost back from either First, Arriva or Transdev.

Operator contact details for claiming free journey vouchers and taxi refunds: