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About Metro Messenger

Messenger is our email update service. Just register and we'll send you travel updates and tell you when service changes are coming up.



Travel news

News affecting public transport in West Yorkshire, such as major rail engineering works, road closures, severe weather warnings, updates on price changes, tickets and permits.


Service changes

We'll let you know about scheduled bus and train timetable changes for West Yorkshire, including arrangements for public holidays.


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What happens to my information?

Your details are registered over a secure web page. We process all personal data in accordance with the principles of good information handling contained in the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not sell this information to any other persons or organisations.

We aim to provide all its customers with relevant, timely and valuable information through MetroLine, Travel Centres, the Metro travel information website, our wide range of leaflets and timetables and now this free emailing service. If you have any feedback about the Metro Messenger email update service, please email

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