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South Kirklees Bus Review

Metro has reviewed the bus services its supports in the South Kirklees / Huddersfield area in early 2012.

The South Kirklees Area Bus Network Review sought to examine Metro’s expenditure on bus services in the South Kirklees area. The main aim was to maintain an effective bus network for the District at a lower cost to the local taxpayer. The bus services changed over the weekend of 27/28 October 2012.


Most bus services in the South Kirklees Area are operated commercially and were not be affected by Metro’s review.


South Kirklees is served by a number of core bus services (read more about the South Kirklees core routes)


Consultation took place between February and April 2012 and we received a lot of comments which helped us make some changes to our proposals. Main outcomes following consultation and tendering


  • A number of journeys propose to be withdrawn were retained or retimed.
  • A revised timetable was introduced on service 303 (Huddersfield – Scapegoat Hill) retaining a limited evening service.
  • An additional journey was introduced on service 342 (Huddersfield – Almondbury) to accommodate evening peak demand.
  • Service 346 (Huddersfield – Wilberlee) was revised and renumbered 396 to identify it as part of the Colne Valley services.
  • A new service 317 (operated by K Line) was introduced to replace the Lindley – Almondbury section of service 368.
  • Services 357 (Huddersfield – Mount) and 368 (Huddersfield – Mount – Almondbury) was replaced by new coordinated services 377 and 378.


First also made a number of changes to the services they operate on a commercial basis as a result of the bus network review.


Read a summary of the consultation, main issues raised and the outcome of the network review (pdf 297.79kb) 


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South Kirklees Bus Review Equality Impact Assessment (pdf 89.13kb)

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