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Our consultation protocol objectives

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority consultation protocol is built around five key objectives:

  1. To ensure that members of the public and stakeholders are aware of our approach to consultation and ongoing consultation activity.


    • We will publicise consultations using a variety of methods including press releases, websites and Metro Messenger.


  2. To ensure that consultation is open, transparent and accessible.


    • We will adopt approaches that maximise participation and response rates.
    • We will identify mechanisms to consult with hard to reach communities.
    • We will ensure that consultation activity is accessible in terms of methodology, venues and use of plain English.
    • We will provide information in alterative formats such as Braille, audio, Easy Read if required.
    • We will set realistic timescales for consultation (where these are within our control).


  3. To ensure that the consultation process is well planned, managed and coordinated and achieves value for money.


    • We will seek opportunities to deliver joint activities with partners wherever possible to avoid duplication.
    • We will make the most of existing groups and networks.


  4. To deliver research and consultation that is effective and of a consistently high quality.


    • We will ensure that staff have the necessary skills and resources to enable them to undertake effective consultation.
    • A quality control process will be developed for consultation activity.


  5. To provide feedback on the findings of consultation and actions taken, following research and consultation activity.


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