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Holme Valley Bus Network Review Feedback

The main changes were:

• Faster more direct services between Hepworth, Scholes and Holmfirth to Huddersfield.
• Standardisation of the big bus routes at all times of the day/week.
• Withdrawal of services from the railway station (as funding for this extension from Government had expired and it was not commercially viable).
• More buses serving the Holme Valley Hospital.
• A revised minibus network in Holmfirth:
   - More frequent buses between Brockholes and Thongsbridge to Holmfirth. 
   - More direct service between Holmfirth, Meltham and Slaithwaite. 
   - New service for Hade Edge and Sheffield Road.

Following the changes made in April, further consultation took place during September 2013 to find out what users thought about the changes which had been implemented and if any further improvements could be made.

Metro recognised that some people may have been inconvenienced by the changes; however, the overall response was that the reliability of services improved significantly and this borne out by increased passenger numbers on the network.

A summary of the main issues raised in the September 2013 consultation were:

  • Reliability had been improved and the majority of passengers thought the changes were good, especially the direct bus service to Huddersfield (service 310) and better links to Holme Valley Memorial Hospital.
  • Service 335 is now a better direct service.
  • Request for services to stop outside Huddersfield Rail Station.
  • This had previously been funded by the Kickstart grant and with no further funding available, Metro was unable to change this as the reliability of the services would be affected.
  • No services serving Thongbridge in the evening and Sundays.
  • The evening services operate via the main road. Due to low patronage reinstatement of these journeys could not be justified.

Where financially possible Metro tried their best to incorporate suggestions made through the consultation process (though there has been a 25% reduction in Metro funding for bus services as part of the government’s cost reduction programme). It was also difficult as Metro spends twice as much per head of population in Holme Valley against the average for West Yorkshire and was spending more as a result of the changes in April, including supporting patient transport in the valley.

Further changes were made on 26th/27th October 2013 to improve the services in the area:

  • Service 308 (Huddersfield – Honley – Netherthong – Holmfirth)
    Evening journeys now operate in the evenings from Huddersfield to Honley via Hangingstone Road. This arrangement is on a trial basis until October 2014.
  • Service X4 (Holme Valley Hospital – Brockholes – Huddersfield)
    A new Monday to Friday service at 0937 from Holme Valley Hospital to Huddersfield serving Woodhead Road, Miry Lane, Woodlands Avenue, Luke Lane, Brockholes, Honley Bridge, Berry Brow and Lockwood.
    The service picks up and sets down at all stops between Holme Valley Hospital and Brockholes. After Brockholes the service stops to set down only.
  • Service H1 (Holmfirth – Scholes)
    A new Monday to Friday schooldays only journey was introduced at 0828 from Holmfirth to Scholes returning from Scholes at 0835.
  • Service H3 (Holmfirth – Upperthong)
    The 0932 journey from Upperthong to Holmfirth now continues from Holmfirth to Holme Valley Hospital. This journey does not serve Holmfirth Bus Station but serves the stop on Huddersfield Road at Cooper Lane.

The following poorly used journeys were withdrawn as a result of the new X4 above:

  • Service H4 (Holmfirth – Thongsbridge – Brockholes) 
        1015 Holmfirth to Brockholes on Mondays to Saturdays
    •   Service H6 (Holmfirth – Holme Valley Hospital – Brockholes) 
        0945 Holmfirth to Brockholes on Mondays to Fridays 
        0830 Brockholes to Holmfirth on Mondays to Fridays 
        0930 Brockholes to Holmfirth on Saturdays 
        1000 Brockholes to Holmfirth on Mondays to Saturdays

    Although we recognised that we were unable to meet the requirements of all bus users we worked hard to meet the needs of the majority. Where practical and affordable we will continue to make small-scale improvements but the network is unlikely to change significantly in the short to medium term.

    Review objectives

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    Equality Impact Assessment


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