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Elland Local Bus Services

Following consultation and customer feedback, the Elland Local Bus Service route network and service timetables were revised and changes introduced Monday 30 January 2012.

Metro reviewed bus services E3, E4, E5, E6 and E8 in the Elland area and held public consultation events on the proposed changes during late October / early November 2011. We used your comments to help finalise the new network which was introduced Monday 30 January 2012.


The main changes were:

Service E8

Service E8 was extended from Barkisland to Ripponden on Mondays to Fridays, with the route serving Krumlin and Slack. The service was re-numbered E7.


In addition the new service was:

  • Re-routed via Hullen Edge (previous E4 route) and Savile Road.
  • Co-ordinated with services 557/559 between Barkisland and Krumlin/Ripponden to provide two evenly-spaced journeys per hour.
  • The Saturday service was still called the E8 and there were some minor timing changes. The first return trip of the day was withdrawn due to poor passenger use.
  • Brighouse Rail Station would not be served by either the E7 or E8.


Service E6 

  • The two afternoon journeys to/from Exley were retained although the journeys were retimed 27 minutes later.


Service E5 

  • The two morning journeys to/from Jagger Green were retained although the journeys were retimed 37 minutes later.


Service E4 

  • This service was withdrawn. Service E7 was re-routed to cover the previous E4 route.


Service E3 

  • This service was reduced from hourly to every 2 hours; a reduction from 8 to 5 journeys a day. The service was re-timed to provide a trip from Grasmere Drive at 0930.


The changes aimed to improve links to Ripponden from the Barkisland / Krumlin area. There was no reduction in the number of buses in operation. The route and timetables did however change with some poorly used sections of route reduced or withdrawn.


The timetable changes meant that passengers travelling from Ripponden, Barkisland and Greetland to Brighouse would be travelling through Elland direct. However, on their return from Brighouse, their journey would be  longer as the bus completes a circuit of either route E3, E5 or E6 in Elland before going on to Greetland, Barkisland and Ripponden. Passengers would be able to remain on the bus as it operates service E3, E5 or E6, and through fares would be available.

Alerts 46 Bus

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