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Belle Isle and Middleton Bus Service Review

Metro worked in partnership with First and Middleton Park Ward Councillors to find out what bus users think of the bus services in the Belle Isle and Middleton areas and to see if any improvements can be made.

During 20 January to 24 February 2014 Metro and Frist undertook consultation of the bus services in Belle Isle and Middleton. We received some good feedback on commercial services (not supported by Metro) which were forwarded to First for their consideration.

This review has still not been completed, however, some initial changes commence in May/June. These changes provide improved links to the new Asda store on St Georges Road which opened on 18th May. These changes were designed to address some of the concerns raised through the consultation and improve reliability on some services.

First Service Changes – Starting 1st June 2014
These changes were amendments to their existing network.

Service 9
This service was re-routed between Middleton Ring Road and Sharp Lane via St George’s Road and New Forest Way to serve Middleton Asda/St Georges Centre.

Service 87
To serve Middleton Asda/St Georges Centre and in conjunction with 85 to double the frequency to the new development on St George’s Road and Towcester Avenue. The service runs between Belle Isle & Ring Road Beeston via St George’s Road, Towcester Avenue, Thorpe Lane, Middleton Park Avenue, Acre Road, Sissons Terrace & Bodmin Road.

Services 64/74/74A
These services now run in both directions between Belle Isle and Middleton. The 64 and 74 both terminate at Middleton Asda but a through service has been created so that passengers can travel from any section covered by 64 to any section covered by 74, and vice-versa throughout the operating day. This essentially provides the through link between Middleton and Raylands/Belle Isle on the 74 which has been a long term aspiration.

Service 64 runs from Middleton Asda via Ring Road Middleton, Middleton Park Road, Thorpe Road, Thorpe View, Throstle Road, Middleton Park Avenue and current 74 route (74A evenings and Sunday daytime) in both directions to Leeds City Centre, extending to Aberford via the existing route. This service no longer serves Sissons Road or Sissons Terrace.

Service 74 runs from Middleton Asda via New Forest Way, Sharp House Road to Sharp Lane, and the existing route into Leeds City Centre extending to Gildersome via the 64 route. This change improved service provision in the Sharp House area.

Together with 85/87 this provides a 15 minute service during Monday to Saturday daytime from Stourton Grange/Belle Isle to Middleton Asda & St Georges Centre.

 Asda Community Bus Service
As well as these enhancements to the existing network, the new Asda store funded a community bus which provides the local area with additional links to the new store on St Georges Road. These services started from Monday 19th May and are operated by Tate's Travel;
• 75 Asda – Belle Isle Circus – Moor Road – Raylands – New Forest Way – Asda (every 2 hours)
• 75A Asda – New Forest Way – Raylands – Moor Road – Belle Isle Circus – Asda (every 2 hours)
• 76 - Bodmins/ Thorpe Rd/ Town Street / Asda Circular (every hour)

Tate's Travel will offer a £1.00 adult day return ticket on these services.


Route and timetable information for service 75, 75A and 76 



 As previously stated First are still reviewing consultation feedback and we will contact you again should they make further changes to other services in the area. 

Belle Isle and Middleton Bus Review Equality Impact Assessment (pdf, opens in a new window)


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