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How do I use Your next bus?

Your next bus is the real-time bus information service for West Yorkshire.


Smartphone/Internet users can access yournextbus through this website

The bus stop number starts with 450 can be found on the bus stop flag, and should also be on the bus timetable display.

The information displayed will automatically refresh so it constantly gives you live updates of the progress of your bus

If you use this stop regularly, it may be worth saving the page as a bookmark.


Text message (SMS):

Each text message may be charged at your standard outbound rate plus a maximum of 12p for each returned text by your service provider.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority takes no revenue from the receipt or generation of text message

  1. Send a text message to 63876 with your the eight-digit bus stop number found on the bus stop flag
  2. You will receive a returned text message with the next few buses from that stop.

    Real time (live) predictions are shown in minutes (eg. 3 mins). Timetabled times are shown in 24hr format for when the bus is due (eg. 14:51).



Using yournextbus - video

(Accessibility information for video: Screen readers and keyboard shortcuts (Google help centre - opens in a new window)


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