School transport strategy

1 in 5 cars at peak times are on the school run (Department for Transport)

Metro's vision for school transport aims to reduce the number of cars on the school run by working in partnership to provide an attractive, high quality home to school bus service, tailored to pupils needs.

The vision has been crafted to encourage pupils to develop independence and confidence in relation to public transport throughout their school career, creating a new generation of public transport users.

The vision aims to provide children of 4-11 years with:

  • A dedicated fleet of highly visible, modern buses of high quality specification
  • Local pickup points
  • An allocated seat
  • Seat belts

The vision aims to provide children of 12-15 years with:

  • Single deck buses of high quality specification and design
  • Pick up from local bus stops
  • An allocated seat

The vision aims to provide the following for both age groups:

  • The school bus will, where practicable have access to dedicated parking bays within school grounds in order that pupils may move safely from the bus to the school building.
  • The school bus transport system will be supported by a comprehensive network planning booking and ticketing system to tailor service provision to meet individual travel needs.
  • A comprehensive curricular teaching module will be provided to encourage sustainable transport attitudes and responsible behaviour.
  • Children and parents will be regularly surveyed for their views of the school bus system.
  • The school bus will be driven by a highly trained dedicated driver.
  • The driver will have radio contact with the service depot and video cameras will be on board.
  • Regular reports will be provided to each school in relation to the behaviour of the children.
  • The bus will have on board entertainment for children including video, radio, CD system, games consol and/ or quizzes on board

The vision aims to encourage pupils aged 15 and over to use the local public transport network, allowing them to develop the essential skills and confidence for independent travel once they have left school.

The vision has many associated benefits such as:

  • Better educational performance
  • Better behaviour
  • Reduced pollution
  • Reduced congestion

The vision is being implemented through the Yellow Bus and SAFEMark schemes.

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