Stourton Park & Ride proposals

Stourton Park & Ride and A61(S) Bus Corridor Improvements Stourton Park and Ride will be located off Junction 7 of the M621

Stourton Park & Ride

The Department for Transport has expressed its support for £173.5m funding for a number of Leeds Transport Improvements.

Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority are working together to introduce a new Park & Ride site in Stourton, including associated Bus Corridor Improvements, adjacent to Junction 7 of M621. This follows the recent success of the Elland Road Park & Ride site (opened June 2014) and the Temple Green Park & Ride site (opened June 2017) where significant numbers of commuter, shopping and recreational trips to Leeds city centre have been made.

Park & Ride is an important element of the emerging Transport Strategy for Leeds. Park & Ride is good for the city economy and the environment as it reduces traffic and parking in the city centre. Park & Ride schemes help to reduce congestion and improve the city’s air quality by reducing the number of cars entering the city centre.

Stourton Park and Ride will complement the Elland Road and Temple Green Park and Rides, catering for trips south-east of the city with access via Junction 7 of M621, A61 and A639.

Benefits of Stourton Park and Ride

Easy Access - Car park with 1,100 spaces adjacent to the road network with access from M621 (Jct 7) / A61 / A639.
Convenient for commuters and the community - Cost and time savings and reduces car journeys into Leeds City Centre for all users.
Enhanced facilities - Bus pick up / drop-off point with departure lounge, real-time information, smartcard ticketing, car park security and welfare facilities.
Acessibility - Dedicated disabled / parent and child / mobility scooter / motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces.
Benefitting the environment - Electric vehicle charging points, cycle facilities and new landscaping features.

The bus service will also provide a high quality transport link along A61 Low Road / Hunslet Road, past the education quarter, through the Leeds South Bank when travelling between the City Centre and Stourton P&R. The regeneration of South Bank will provide over 35,000 new jobs and 4000 new homes.

The Bus Service

A high frequency, express bus service using comfortable modern vehicles will utilise existing and bus priority measures to give an average journey time of 15 minutes to the city centre from the Stourton site. Stops between Stourton Park and Ride and the city centre will serve the south bank area before reaching the final stop on Boar Lane in the city centre, convenient for Trinity Quarter and other city centre shops and offices. Leeds General Infirmary and the universities are also easily accessible using the connection of the Leeds CityBus as Park and Ride tickets are valid on Leeds CityBus service, for which a stop on Boar Lane is nearby.

As with Elland Road and Temple Green schemes, businesses will be able to purchase discounted Park and Ride travel offers for their staff which may help with parking issues they have on their own premises.

A639 Low Road / A61(S) Hunslet Road Bus Corridor and Highway Improvements
In connection with the provision of the park & ride site at Stourton, Leeds City Council are also proposing to improve the A639 Low Road / A61(south) Hunslet Road corridor from the Stourton park and ride site into the city centre.

The corridor improvement works will include the following:

  • A dedicated bus lane from the Thwaite Gate area both into and out of the city centre, to provide the high quality bus provision;
  • Provision of a fully segregated cycle track from the Thwaite Gate area both into and out of the city centre, to provide a safety and high quality cycle route along Low Road and Hunslet Road;
  • Major junction improvement at the Thwaite Gate/Wakefield Road/Pontefract Lane junction, to improve junction capacity and bus journey times;
  • Improvements to all junctions along the Low Road and Hunslet Road route, by means of minor realignments and improvement of the traffic signal equipment to improve junction capacity, improve journey times and reduce congestion;
  • The widening of Low Road between the Church Street and Sussex Avenue junctions to enable the provision of the bus and cycle lanes;
  • The introduction of soft landscaping, planting and trees along various sections of the corridor to improve to overall visual appearance of the Low Road/Hunslet Road route; 
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle links from the local communities onto the corridor.

Local benefits of the Stourton Park and Ride

Local Bus Service Improvements:

  • The regular bus services from Middleton, Belle Isle and Hunslet will benefit from using the dedicated park and ride bus lanes, running in both directions between the Thwaite Gate area and the city centre, and thereby reducing these bus journey times;
  • As part of wider transport investment in Leeds , measures to improve local bus services particularly on Belle Isle Road will be investigated;

Increased connectivity:

  • New footway / cycleway links across the site and around M621 J7 for all non-motorised users, so local people can walk / cycle and use the park and ride buses and facilities;
  • Security - Manned security of the site during operational hours and CCTV out of hours that can cover the site and adjacent areas;
  • Employment - Proposed small retail/business units on the P&R site will provide potential employment opportunities;
  • Improved drainage - All hard surface area run-off will be stored underground and released slowly into the highway drainage system;


  • Provision of electric vehicle charging points and potential use of electric buses to encourage and promote the city’s clean air zone;
  • A landscaping strategy, planting trees / plants / hedges that will improve visual amenity, provide noise screening and have a positive impact on air quality for local residents;

Traffic Improvements:

  • Potential reduction of traffic through Middleton and Belle Isle that will now use the park and ride site, with vehicular access from the M621, A61 and A639 only;
  • Increased number of running lanes on the A61 and A639 on approach and around M621 Junction 7, facilitated by new traffic signals which should improve traffic movements


Between 15 September and 27 October 2017 a period of public and stakeholder engagement occured to gather feedback on the proposals for the scheme. These results are currently being analysed and further information will be provided here when available.  

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