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FlexiBus East Leeds FAQs

User journey:

  • App:
    1. Download app
    2. Register an account
    3. Request your journey
    4. Walk to your pickup point where you can also track your bus in real time via the app
    5. Be on your way/get to your destination
  • Phone: 
    1. Call Metroline to connect to the FlexiBus team
    2. Book your journey
    3. Walk to your pickup point
    4. Be on your way/get to your destination
  • Website: 
    1. Navigate to
    2. Register an account
    3. Request your journey
    4. Walk to your pickup point
    5. Be on your way/get to your destination



1. How can I book the service?

App, phone (Metroline), website

2. How far in advance can I book the service?

Within 7 days for a one-off request

3. Can I book a week’s worth of buses at the start of the week to coincide with shift patterns?


4. How will I receive confirmation of my booking?

App – within the app itself


Journey times: 

1. Is there a maximum wait time?

You must book at least an hour in advance but the earlier they book, the better

2. Given the on-demand nature of pick-ups, is this anticipated to affect journey time?

The algorithm used calculates the most effective routes for the buses to take but this is expected to be faster than taking multiple buses to destinations, only once the service launches will we know for sure

3. Will I be notified at the point of booking how long the journey will take?

Yes – the app will provide you with an estimated time of arrival

4. What happens if someone books my bus in the middle of my journey? Will the bus divert?

It depends on the algorithm; this will calculate the best route for each bus. If you specify an arrival time when making your booking, other trips will not be allowed to impact on that time. 



1. When will the service be launching?

27 September 2021

2. What times does the service operate? 

7am – 7pm Monday to Saturday

3. Can the service be flagged down?

No, this must be pre-booked.

4. Is there a maximum walking distance to meet the bus?

When you make a booking you will be directed to a pick up point within 200 metres of your location. 

5. How will the Buses cope with rush hour demands?

The buses will be booked on a first come, first served basis and once this is full, no further bookings will be allowed.

6. Are young people allowed on the Bus for the school run?

Yes, but only from 12 years and above and they will need to pay half-fare.

7. Will there be live map updates of where your bus is and an ETA before it’s with you? 

Yes, if you have a smart phone, you can see where your bus is relative to you. 

8. Are dogs allowed on board the bus? 

Only registered or trainee assistance dogs are permitted to travel on FlexiBus. 


The buses: 

1. What’s the capacity of the buses?

12 + 1 wheelchair

2. Will the Buses be wheelchair friendly?

Yes, all buses are fully accessible. 

3. Can I notify the driver in advance of a disability I have?

Yes, you’ll be able to do this when you book. 



How much will it cost?

  1. £2 flat fare for a single journey.
  2. £1.20 for under 19s.
  3. Full suite of MCard products will be accepted.
  4. Can only pay by contactless and MCard products.

Can I use my bus pass? 

Holders of Senior and Disabled Person’s bus pass travel free after 9.30am on weekdays and all day on Saturdays, Blind person's pass holders travel free all day on weekdays and on Saturdays.

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