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  • Bus services review

    Metro is reviewing the network of local bus services and is proposing some changes to the services it funds.

    We want to:


    • ensure the West Yorkshire bus network meets current and future needs.
    • ensure value for money for the subsidy Metro provides to the network.


    Over 80% of bus services in West Yorkshire are provided by bus companies on a commercial basis with no subsidy from Metro. The remainder of services are supported by public funds provided by Metro. This money supports many early morning, rural, evening and Sunday services. Metro, like most public bodies, has limited funds and we need to ensure this money is spent in the most effective way.


    We are inviting views on local bus services and will be consulting passengers on a district-by-district basis on changes to some of the bus services Metro funds.

    Next reviews

    We are currently reviewing bus services in Calderdale.  Consultation starts from 4 June until 21 July 2014.  Further details can be found here  Calderdale Bus Review 

    What type of bus service do you use?

    Core bus services (list of core services)

    • Very frequent – operating every 10 to 15 minutes during the day,
      Metro will no longer subsidise these services
    • They provide direct links into the major towns and cities
    • About 70% of bus journeys in West Yorkshire are made on core services.


     Are core services changing?
    These services are unlikely to change although there may be some minor changes to the timetables

    Local bus services

    • Mostly operate every 20/30/60 minutes during the day
    • Metro subsidises these services at some times of the day or week
    • They link suburbs and villages with their local town or city

     Are local bus services changing?
    Most services will be unchanged; however, poorly used journeys may be withdrawn and there may be minor changes to the timetables.

    Metro-funded services

    • Mostly operate every hour
    • Metro fully funds these services
    • They serve areas which would not have a bus if Metro did not fund a service


     Will Metro-funded services be changing?
    Changes are likely to many of these services and public consultation will therefore focus on these routes.

    We may need to withdraw some poorly used services or provide a cheaper alternative service. In some places Metro will provide a link to the local “hub” where passengers can change onto a more frequent bus or train service to complete their journey.

    Has my area been reviewed yet?


     Service change date

    Elland Local Bus Services

    30 January 2012

    Service 900

    30 January 2012

    Service 933

    30 January 2012

    Bradford Bus Review

    28 April 2012

    Keighley Bus Review

    28 April 2012

    Wakefield Bus Review

    28 April 2012

    South Kirklees Bus Review

    27 October 2012

    Holme Valley Bus Review 27 April 2013
    North Kirklees Bus Review 26 January 2013
    Leeds Bus Review   20 July 2013        
    Elland Road Park and Ride tbc
    Service 33/33A and Service X84 tbc
    Hebden Bridge and Todmorden Bus Review 26 January 2014
    Holme Valley Bus Network Review Feedback tbc
    Elland and Brighouse Bus Services Review April 2014
    Information regarding changes to Service 967. 26 January 2014
    Service 903 - route and timetable review 26 January 2014
    Belle Isle and Middleton Bus Review April 2014

    How can I get involved?

    You can email us at busconsultation@westyorks-ca.gov.uk

    Or you can write to us at:

    What then?

    The outcome of the consultations and tender process will be made available on the relevant bus review website pages.


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