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  • Student Plus MetroCard

    Unlimited bus and train travel throughout West Yorkshire, for under 22s and mature students.

    What is Student Plus MetroCard?

    It's a travel card, providing unlimited bus and train travel throughout West Yorkshire at any time of day or night (except Nightrider and special event services), including on buses to the Yorkshire Dales.

    • Available to anyone under 22 years of age
    • Also available to mature students 26 years and over in full-time education (16 hours or more per week)
    • Weekly or monthly cards.

    How much does it cost?

    Student Plus MetroCard currently costs £21.50 per week or £80 per month.

    Where to buy

    Student Plus MetroCards are on sale at Travel Centres and bus stations (excluding Pontefract and Castleford Travel Centres) and staffed rail stations in West Yorkshire.

    What to take with you

    The first time you buy a Student Plus MetroCard you will need:

    • A completed Student Plus MetroCard application form (pdf, 66k - opens in a new window).
    • Two passport-size photographs of yourself (face-on, not side view. This will be used to make your Student Plus PhotoCard).
    • Anyone up to age of 22 must provide proof of age, such as a birth certificate or passport.
    • Mature students aged 22 or over must provide evidence they are a full-time student (16 hours per week or more) for each academic year - ie. registration document, grant form, letter from your college/university.

    There is no residency qualification for Student Plus MetroCard.


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