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  • Lost stolen damaged MetroCards

    MetroCard refunds and replacements for lost, stolen or damaged cards.

    We will replace or refund quarterly and annual MetroCards which have been registered with Metro. No refunds will be given for lost weekly or monthly MetroCards, nor for unregistered quarterly or annual MetroCards.


    If you wish to renew an existing MetroCard, please see How to buy or renew a MetroCard.

    Register your MetroCard

    When you buy your quarterly or annual MetroCard, make sure you take the time to register it. That way if you lose it, you'll be able to get a replacement. You may also be able to get a refund, or part refund, on a MetroCard you no longer require - see below.


    Just ask for a registration form when you buy the ticket. You'll need to supply an extra photograph with the form.


    All applications for refunds or replacements should be sent to:


    • Metro, Concessions and Integrated Ticketing Department
      West Yorkshire Combined Authority
      40-50 Wellington Street
      Leeds LS1 2DE

    Lost cards

    If you lose your quarterly or annual MetroCard, and it is registered with us, we will replace it* - valid to the same expiry date as the original. We are unable to replace weekly or monthly cards.


    To replace your card you will need:


    • a completed form (available from First Travel Shop on New Market Street, Leeds, and staffed bus and rail stations in West Yorkshire').
    • a passport photograph (so we can make up your new card).
    • an admin fee of £5 - please make cheques payable to 'WYCA'.


    Corporate MetroCard holders should contact their co-ordinator in the case of lost tickets.


    Lost Senior Pass replacements

    Damaged cards - replacements

    • Traditional non-magnetic strip tickets
      Damaged MetroCards may be replaced without charge at any MetroCard outlet, but only if the details can still be read. Illegible cards cannot be replaced.

    • Magnetic strip tickets
      Damaged magnetic strip tickets can only be replaced at railway stations.


    Corporate Metrocard holders should contact their co-ordinator to sort out replacement tickets.


    Damaged Senior Pass replacements

    Stolen cards

    If your quarterly or annual MetroCard is stolen, please provide the crime reference number (given to you when you report the crime to the police), when you apply for a replacement card.  We are unable to replace weekly or monthly cards.


    Corporate Metrocard holders should contact their co-ordinator.


    Stolen Senior Pass replacements


    If you return a pre-purchased MetroCard before its period of use begins, the full purchase price will be refunded.*


    If you return a MetroCard part-way through its valid period, we will refund the original price, less the combined prices of any shorter period MetroCards which would have been required to cover travel before the card's return.


    Refunds for Corporate Annual MetroCards can only be made to the company that purchased the card. Corporate MetroCard holders should contact their co-ordinator.


    If you return a card which you bought to replace a lost card that you subsequently found, the full purchase price will be refunded. However, you must return the replacement card before the expiry date of your original card. Please also supply a photocopy of your original card.


    There are no refunds for part-expired weekly tickets.


    Please note: a small administration charge will be deducted from any refund made.

    * Replacement and refund conditions

    Only one replacement per customer is allowed. Further refunds will not be granted against either the replacement or lost ticket.



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